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Our Brunch choices range from French Benedict to a fresh, 2 egg

Breakfast, with toast and your choice of meat


                   French Benedict                             3 Egg Breakfast                         




Most meals include a choice of fresh fruit, home fried potatoes or homemade grits.


Croque-Monsieur Madame



Our Lunches begin with a fresh cup, or bowl of Crab Bisque.

Made every morning in our kitchen.


Then there are choices of specialty sandwiches and refreshing salads


                                                                      Club Melt                                                Chicken Salad Plate




Fine cuisine in the perfect setting with attention to detail,

presentation and Service.

Dining at A Catered Affair is a treat for the eye and the palate!

Beef Wellington


Whether you request a special dish or choose an entrée from our menu,

You will have a unique dining experience.


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